Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vintage Fashion

I have a love for old ("vintage") things. I'm constantly searching through my mom's clothes, jewelry, shoes, and records that she saved from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Antique stores, thrift stores, etc. are some of my favorite places. It's just something about that era that I love, and wish I could have experienced myself. The clothes, the music, the hair and makeup... Love it all. I am most jealous of my parents because they both attended a Led Zeppelin concert in 1973 (the same one and they didn't even know each other yet, how cute). So, coming back to the point of this post, I discovered an amazing online store today. Tunnel Vision is full of vintage clothes that made my heart skip a beat. Although some of the pieces are a little more "eccentric" than what I would personally wear every day as a college student in Georgia, they're still great and full of that vintage vibe. Today was the website's pre-debut and their fans on Facebook got access to a promo code for 50% off of everything. Shout out to Chictopia for posting about this, sales are my kryptonite. Even though I wanted an unreasonable amount of pieces from this site, I settled on an open-knit fringe vest and a Southwestern printed jacket
(pictured below; wanted the necklace, but sold out. womp womp womp):
Tunnel Vision will also be introducing their own collection called Bad Vibes (designed by Brit Nason and Madeline Hansen). I can't wait to check out what is in store! But seeing how well the vintage side of their site is doing just on the pre-open day, I think it's safe to say Bad Vibes will be just as much of a vintage Heaven. 

Well that's all for now, but I'll post an update when I get my purchases! happy shopping. 

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